The Arrivals

When I was pregnant I was obsessed with birth stories. I'd devour the monthly columns and online forums - by the time it was my turn I thought I was well-versed in how to give birth. But then I soon discovered that nothing can truly prepare you. I had my first in Switzerland. In the … Continue reading The Arrivals

Happiness Is

I've just finished Matt Haig's Reasons to Stay Alive. I was intrigued to read it after listening to him on Fearne Cotton's fabulous podcast Happy Place. The combination of her upbeat yet grounded approach and his familiar, warm Yorkshire tone made for wonderful Sunday listening. He spoke frankly about his personal battle with the black … Continue reading Happiness Is

The Break-Up

My husband and I are childhood sweethearts (which divides the camp into 'ah so lovely' and 'what that's crazy!'- usually a female vs male reaction). Thankfully though this has meant that I've managed to avoid any of those big boyfriend break-ups that crush your insides and leave you reaching for the second bottle a la Bridget Jones. But … Continue reading The Break-Up

Forever Young

Excuse the sentimental post. Ever since seeing the amazing play Girl From The North Country, I've been obsessed with their version of the Bob Dylan classic Forever Young. The lyrics really ring true. They carry the words I'd like to say to my three boys. (Typically I try to sing it to them in the … Continue reading Forever Young