This Year

I’ve been shouty. Big time ugly shouty. Sorry neighbours
I came to the quick realisation that I am no teacher. I have zero patience. “Write a paragraph and I’ll give you a pound. OK make that £5. Stop angry writing”. I’m that kind of teacher
I’ve obsessed over Schitt’s Creek
And Below Deck was my Covid guilty pleasure
When I couldn’t handle any hard-hitting dramas or the books I usually love
I’ve cried at Bake Off
I’ve focused too much on my work and ignored the kids
Sometimes though I’ve been for nice quiet walks with them with no distractions. No mobile phone – shock horror. And been on bike rides. Oh the springtime bike rides that the boys tried their utmost to resist
I’ve sworn at SeeSaw. In front of my kids. Often
Although I miss my mum every day I’m glad she wasn’t here this year. As bad as that sounds. This would have been her worst nightmare
I’ve discovered a hidden love for the woods and being in nature, much to the husband’s amusement. And yes the sky did look bluer back in those April days
I’ve drunk too much gin. And wine
Then watched The Queen’s Gambit and thought I should really give up
I’ve worked out in my kitchen while cooking (?) the kids nuggets and chips (again) and answering emails
I’ve participated in zoom meetings while wiping a bottom and dishing out MORE snacks
The juggling is real. My standards are at an all time low
I’ve had to leave rooms to avoid the slurps of my husband drinking his Yorkshire tea
We’ve enjoyed our couple’s walks with flasks of tea. In the woods that I now love!
I’ve put a filter on my zoom. Because I look like hell. Damn eye bags and chin spots
I’ve relished a trip to a Covid test centre as it meant I had an hour’s peace in the car
I’ve listened to the husband retch when swabbing. That will never leave me
I’ve counted my blessings. Then yelled with frustration. Then counted my blessings. Then yelled with frustration. Then..
I’ve given myself a good talking to
I’ve realised Time is a totally bizarre concept. One day you’re homeschooling in March and wondering if the day will ever end. If this is now your life FOREVER. Then the next day it’s 2 weeks to Christmas and you have purchased zero presents and the post is screwed
I’ve thought of my friend often and wanted to share moments she’d have loved to hear about. She would have rocked Covid world
It’s hit home that life is short and I shouldn’t stress about the small stuff. But I do
I’ve been grateful for moments of normality
For the springtime summer
The sun
Rose wine, red wine, any wine
My cat
Proper key workers (not me!)
My job
Front garden street parties
David Rose, Moira Rose
The wonders of science
My husband the scientist
Walks with friends
Takeaway coffees
Outdoor heaters
No swim lessons
School pick ups
More time
The passing of time

My family
Now I’m holding my breath and hiding til Christmas
Onwards 2021

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