I’m a mum of three mischievous little boys, living in France just over the Swiss/French border. I feel that by now I should be an expert in motherhood and all the joys and worries that goes with it but like most mums I’m completely blagging it, every single day. I live away from my family and closest friends back in the UK having chosen to my follow my childhood sweetheart, now husband, to Geneva where he works as a scientist. Before kids I worked in the sometimes glamorous world of design and advertising, now I’m a cough cough librarian. I shouldn’t be embarrassed about my job. Essentially I am paid to read books to children, what’s not to love? Also, I get to spy on my kids at school and high five them or grab a quick hug in the corridor. Fortunately they’re still young enough to love having me at their school, that clock is ticking…

In the early days of my expat adventure, over a decade ago, my favourite wine and cheese friend and I would talk about our ‘tens and twos’ moments. We agreed that living abroad comes with an abundance of wow moments, take your breath away moments, ‘ten’ moments. From hiking in the Swiss Alps to water skiing on a glimmering lake, nature here is heightened and every weekend can feel like a holiday. But then there are the low points, our ‘twos’, when you pine for home, where everything feels comfortably familiar and just easier. We tried to decide on what was best; to settle for a safe, cosy world or to relish the heady mixture of adventure and nostalgia. My friend chose the former, for now. Thirteen years on I am still having this debate. Are these tens and twos really worth being away from home?

Now I’m a mum too, on the cusp of 40, I realise our tens and twos philosophy rings true for many other things. Motherhood, relationships, health, ageing parents….Our lives are littered with highs and lows.

In this blog I hope to share some of my tens and twos moments as I navigate my way through motherhood and expat life in France. Please feel free to comment or share.